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Make your marketing make you money...

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Do you only have ten or twenty visitors a day to your website? We will teach you how to succeed in Marketing.

Simply put: having a basic understanding of promotions is essential for the successful small business today.You will learn how to make your marketing make you money.
Contact Us if you want to learn more about the psychology of selling and branding your business. You can afford to have a real Marketing Consultant from Sevierville in your corner.

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We designed this logo which has appeared on numerous billboards and TV ads. Designed by Dean Lewis and is used here with permission of Mr. Zhao.

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“Dean is a marketing guru with visionary ideas and ability to articulate complicated ideas clearly and elegantly.”
— Jeanne Baach
About a new website: Thank you.  Love it!!!!...You are awesome!!!!!  I really like it.
Dr. Fabrizio Mancini
We assist with websites, graphic design, social media, and more.

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Perhaps the most common belief among small business owners concerning websites is If you build it, they will come. Nothing could be further from the truth. The real truth is that the average small business website gets perhaps ten or twelve visitors a day. Spending four thousand dollars on a new website will not change that.

Over time, our team has learned to make small business owners understand that a new website must have support to succeed. That means a Sales Funnel must be in place and there must be some means to generate thousands of visits a month in order to get the conversion rate up to the point that the client sees a return on investment.

In this area, Gatlinburg especially, several key phrases are very completive. Earlier this week, we ran a backlink profile on one Cabin Rental company that has generated eight and one half million backlinks over the last five years. This is expensive time-consuming work and it’s well beyond the resources of most small businesses.

However, there are less expensive ways to promote a website. We will mention AdWords on Google and Promoted Post on Facebook. Did you know that you can reach 12,000 potential customers on Facebook for one hundred dollars? Advertising your website is well within the reach of most Sevierville businesses. In fact, without it you should seriously consider the need for anything more than a single basic page.

Another thing we do to fill the Sales Funnel is Social Media (of course), but this is a double-edged sword. You should not start a Facebook Page or Twitter feed without a real commitment to stay with it every day. Research shows a monetary return on this type of marketing requires at least six hours a week of effort. A feed with no new post looks like you don’t care enough about your customers to talk to them. It looks like an abandoned page because it is. The positive has become a negative. We recommend not starting a feed unless you can stay with it.

Like the website, Social Media will also require a modest advertising budget. This is something website designers don’t like to talk about out of fear it could cut into sales. Here at Dean Lewis, Marketing Consultants in Sevierville, we believe in keeping a client for years and doing work for them many times. In order to make that happen we must meet the requirements for success right up front.

In a small town like Sevierville, word quickly spreads about the integrity and honesty of local, small businesses. We want to maintain a great reputation and strive for satisfied customers. If you have been over promised and under delivered, please drop us a note or call 865-304-5426.

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