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Do you only have ten or twenty visitors a day to your website? We will solve your problem.

Having a basic understanding of buyer psychology is essential for the successful small business today. We will show you how to make your marketing make you money.
Contact Us if you want to turn more visitors into buyers on your website. You can afford to have a real Marketing Consultant from Sevierville in your corner.

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“Dean is a marketing guru with visionary ideas and ability to articulate complicated ideas clearly and elegantly.”
— Jeanne Baach
About a new website: Thank you.  Love it!!!!...You are awesome!!!!!  I really like it.
Dr. Fabrizio Mancini
We assist with websites, graphic design, social media, and more.

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How we help our clients succeed…

Every week we meet small business owners who believe that if you build a website, they will come. It may be the basis for a fine movie but it has harmed many small business owners. The truth is, without a real marketing plan your visitors will stay away in droves.

It all starts with proper website design. A website that doesn’t attract customers is a loss and the average, small business website only gets ten or twelve visitors a day. Because Dean Lewis, Marketing Consultants approaches web design from a marketing prospective, not a web designers prospective; our sites are designed to sell your products.

As an aside, all our websites are mobile friendly. Most traffic on the Internet today comes from mobile devices and our every site we build plays well on these tablets and phones. Did you know that most of the traffic on the Internet between five and eight each evening is tablet based? Make sure your next website is mobile friendly.

Of course, knowledge is the key to a successful website and our most popular product is The Consultation. We will review all your online marketing as a single unit, then give you useful, actionable feedback you will put to work tomorrow. In fact, we guarantee that the end of the Consultation, you will feel like you received several times the $165 cost, or we will refund your money. At this time, no-one has ever taken us up on the offer.

Of course, a website is just one aspect of your branding. A serious, professionally designed company logo is the foundation. Everything else springs from a great logo. Colors, fonts, taglines, and general feel are all designed to complement your logo. Start here and the rest springs alive.

One aspect of what we do many tourism marketeers have never considered before: the HD webcam. A camera, hung outside your business and using a normal ethernet jack to get to the Internet through your standard cable service, will receive thousands of views every month. It may well be the least expensive thing you can do to drive massive traffic to your website - and its amazingly simple to install.

Perhaps we should end with the most important service we offer: SEO for your website. Search engines are all about trust and the single biggest signal they use to determine trustworthiness is the backlink. If a website has backlinks from other sites with a high trust value, the search engines will raise the website in the search results. We will help you to get these awesome backlinks you need to rank well.

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